US Presidential Election 2016: Bernie Sanders beats Hillary Clinton in Maine as the race comes closer

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Democratic Presidential Candidates Debate In Flint
Sanders performs better in the north east (Source: Getty)

Senator Bernie Sanders has overcome Hillary Clinton in the Maine caucuses, as the race between the two candidates becomes tighter.

In the latest contest for the Democrat nomination, with 91 per cent of the vote counted, Sanders looks to have won 64 per cent of the vote to Clinton's 36 per cent.

The victory comes after Sanders won Kansas and Nebraska over the weekend, while Clinton took Louisiana.

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Still, Clinton remains the frontrunner to win both the Democrat nomination and to be the next President.

Her closest rival for President remains Donald Trump, who has now won 12 states in the build up to the Republican National Convention.

Over the weekend Trump narrowly beat Ted Cruz in Louisiana and Kentucky, while Cruz convincingly defeated Trump in Kansas and Maine.

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Florida senator Marco Rubio came third in three states and last in Maine, where he didn't garner a single delegate.

However, Rubio won the Puerto Rica primary convincingly last night. But, it is just his second victory and, unfortunately for him, it sends just 23 delegates to the convention.

As the race continues, both parties will have primaries in Michigan and Mississippi tomorrow.

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