From pensions panic and Barclays bungles to Brexit blues and half pint horrors: Here's what got us talking this week

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There was a hush hush high profile wedding. There were some fancy cars. And there was the disappointing discovery that having a job actually costs you money.

Here's what got us talking

1) Pensions panic

Retirees at both ends of the spectrum continued to fret over changes to their pension scheme. In one corner, we saw grave concern about the rising age of the state pension - and questions of how to bring it down - after it became clear most of us would be working well into our 70s (or even 80s). At the other end was worry that George Osborne was about to launch a raid on higher earners' relief, which would prompt a Northern Rock-style run. Either way, it was looking pretty pen-calyptic this week.

2) Barclays bungles

Barclays results weren't too awful, but investors were so spooked by the dividend announcement that trading actually had to be suspended at one point in the day. But at least one person had something to smile about, with Antony Jenkins taking home £3.4m - not bad for half a year's work.

3) Battersea panic stations

Is this the beginning of the end for luxury London homes?

4) Brexit blues

To Brexit or not to Brexit? That might depend on which part of the country you live in. But here in London, the looming EU referendum is affecting plenty already, not least M&A activity, which has dropped since last year's high. And while business leaders fret about what to do, it turns out they're really not prepared for what might happen. Lord Rose let the cat out the bag when he revealed wages might go up - bad news for corporations, but great news for workers. The British Chamber of Commerce came off the fence, as did the City of London Corporation. But we're still none the wiser about which way the vote will go.

5) Half pint horror

Think you're being sensible by sticking to half pints? Think again. New research suggests you're being overcharged for underdrinking. Time to drown your sorrows in a full pint?

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