US Presidential Election 2016: Hillary Clinton wins overwhelmingly over Bernie Sanders in South Carolina

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Clinton is the favourite to become next US President (Source: Getty)

Hillary Clinton has overwhelmingly won over senator Bernie Sanders in South Carolina, closing in on the Democrat nomination.

Clinton stormed to victory with 73.5 per cent of the vote, compared to Sanders' 26 per cent.

Though Clinton was widely expected to win the primary, the vote gives her momentum moving into "Super Tuesday", when 11 states and one territory will vote on one day.

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"Tomorrow this campaign goes national," she announced in her victory speech, while adding "we don’t need to make America great again, America has never stopped being great", alluding to Donald Trump's slogan.

The win is Clinton's third victory out of four states, after having won both Iowa and Nevada, but losing in New Hampshire.

Meanwhile, eight out of 10 black voters voted for Clinton, exit polls suggested, a key section of the Democratic electorate, and one which supported her rival President Barack Obama back in 2008.

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For his part, Sanders has said he's now going to be focussing on the votes on Tuesday.

"In politics, on a given night, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Tonight we lost," he said. "I congratulate secretary Clinton on her very strong victory. Tuesday, over 800 delegates are at stake, and we intend to win many of them."

On the Republican side of the race Donald Trump is looking more and more likely to secure the nomination. He won the Nevada caucus last Wednesday.

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