This is where hazardous hoverboards go to die as the dangerous devices are destroyed

Lynsey Barber
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Dangerous devices are destroyed (Source: Surrey Council)

Has a gadget ever fallen from grace so fast?

From zero to hero and back again, and not even able to jump on the must-have Christmas toy bandwagon, the so-called hoverboard (but actually a self-propelled scooter) became the must-ban device of last year.

Its flash in the pan status was run off course earlier than expected after sparks were literally found flying from many of them, even catching fire completely. The fire risk put an end to the trend as they were pulled from the shops across the country and online.

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Trading standards has also had its eye on the hoverboards being imported and that means thousands of unused, unboxed, unviable gadgets getting incinerated.

After a consignment came through Heathrow from Hong Kong, nearly 100 of the dangerous devices ended up being destroyed because of faulty features in a spot in Surrey.

Crushed and recycled, the pictures show the sad demise of one of the most talked about trends of the last year.

Many of them ended up incinerated after catching fire during the process - the very reason they ended up there.

Another consignment of 50 hazardous hoverboards have already been impounded and await the same fate.

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