EU referendum: More Londoners want to stay in the EU than leave, but with a large number of undecided voters all is to play for

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Different socio-economic groups have different views about the EU (Source: Getty)

Battle lines may have been drawn in Westminster, but all is yet to play for in London in the build up to the EU referendum in June.

While most Londoners want to remain in the EU, the lead is not overwhelming and with a large number of voters undecided the outcome is far from certain, according to new research.

Data from social science company Marketing Metrix has found that 46 per cent of London households want UK to stay in the EU, while 39 per cent want the UK to leave, and 13 per cent are undecided.

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The results from a questionnaire sent to 1,300 Londoners also shows the result of the EU referendum will turn largely on how people feel about taxes, immigration and unemployment.

Marketing Metrix garnered the results by splitting London into 10 core segment groups, and combined it with a demographic survey to measure whether those groups will vote to stay, leave, are undecided or won't vote.

“The results were varied yet highlight the importance of understanding different groups within London and their motives in the voting process. Our data also highlights the need for greater education regarding the impacts of the referendum and the large weight that lower socioeconomic groups have on the final decision," said senior data analyst at Marketing Metrix Laura Taylor Burge.

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The two lowest socio-economic groups make up 55 per cent of London households, and are mostly in favour of the EU exit, while higher socio-economic groups are mostly in favour of the UK's continued membership of the EU.

The analysis comes days after Mayor of London Boris Johnson and mayoral hopeful Zac Goldsmith both backed Brexit, against Labour mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan who wants to stay in the EU, indicating the results could have an impact on the mayoral election.

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