A former Ukip candidate takes inpiration from the Spice Girls with a pro-Brexit music video

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A young girl holds the Spice Girls dolls which wer
Boylett takes inspiration from Geri Halliwell's iconic dress (Source: Getty)

As EU membership debates heat up and the Spice Girls' reunion tour approaches, one Ukipper has combined the two for a parody music video supporting the Vote Leave campaign.

Mandy Boylett, a Ukip candidate in last year's General Election (she came third in Stockton North), has taken inspiration from Britpoppers the Spice Girls and the Lightning Seeds in a pro-Brexit video called "Britain's Coming Home" - a parody of Frank Skinner and David Baddiel's Three Lions.

Boylett, who lived in Belgium for over five years before joining Ukip, didn't have Skinner and Baddiel's permission to use the track, but Baddiel took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to praise the protest song as "brilliantly naff".

Boylett appears in the video wearing a sparkly Union Jack vest similar to the iconic dress worn by Geri Halliwell in the 90s.

The Spice Girls are marking 20 years since first releasing Wannabe by reuniting this year.

Lyrics for the track included: “David Cameron, tell me what’s wrong? Your MPs don’t really want you", "only wanted trade, but now it's gone too far", and "they want prisoners to vote".

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