Uber has cut its prices by 15 per cent in New York City

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New Yorkers' cab journeys will be 15 per cent cheaper (Source: Getty)

Controversial cab-hailing app Uber has cut its prices by 15 per cent in New York.

The New York Post reported that the company, which is facing competition from an increasing number of similar offerings in NYC and across the world, was planning on dropping its base rate to $1.75 per mile (£1.23), from £2.15 at the moment.

Meanwhile, its per-minute rate will fall to 35 cents, from 40 cents. The changes will affect Uber X and XL services.

Uber was not immediately able to respond to questions over whether it's planning to do the same in London, where it is also facing increased competition.

In November the company launched UberPool in London - a ride-sharing service which allows Londoners to share taxi journeys, cutting prices by 25 per cent.

At the time, the company said it will cut congestion and pollution.

"We believe UberPool can become a credible alternative to car ownership," said Jo Bertram, the company's regional general manager in the UK.

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