UK weather: Temperatures plunge to below zero, prompting Met Office to issue another warning

Catherine Neilan
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Snow And Freezing Temperatures Hit UK
It's as cold as ice (Source: Getty)

Temperatures fell to below zero across the UK today, prompting the Met Office to issue yet another yellow weather warning for parts of the country, including London and the South East.

Last night was one of the coldest nights of the winter so far across southern Britain, the weather forecaster said.

Temperatures in London fell well below zero, while in parts of Oxfordshire it dropped to minus eight degrees Celcius - and further still in parts of the Scottish highlands. The coldest part of the country was Kinbrae, where the Met Office recorded a temperature of minus 10.6*C. Yesterday the same village recorded the coldest night of the year so far, dropping to minus 12.4*C.

The Met Office warned that freezing temperatures combined with moisture in the air increased the risk of freezing fog patches.

"As often in such situations, the fog is likely to be patchy in nature, with some areas escaping entirely," said the chief forecaster.

The Met Office also warned of icy patches and urged drivers to be aware of potentially hazardous driving conditions.

But there is - as yet - no warning of more snow on the horizon, with a band of rain expected to arrive from the west this evening (20 February). The Met Office forecasts temperatures will rise towards the end of the week along with the rain.

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