EU referendum: Osborne slammed for lack of contingency plans for Brexit

Lauren Fedor
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Osborne told the BBC last night that the Treasury is not planning for Brexit (Source: Getty)

The government has come under fire for not making contingency plans for a possible Brexit.

The criticism came after chancellor George Osborne told BBC 2 Newsnight that the Treasury is not planning for Brexit. Instead of a plan, he said his department is "100 per cent now focused on achieving the renegotiation… That is where the resources of the Treasury are deployed".

Prime Minister David Cameron had said earlier he was not taking steps to prepare departments for Brexit.

Labour MP Wes Streeting of the Treasury Select Committee told City A.M.: "I want the Prime Minister to succeed in his renegotiation efforts and leading the campaign to stay in the EU.

"What I can’t comprehend is Osborne’s failure to put in place contingency planning for an exit vote. He owes it to the country to give us a clear idea of what an ‘exit’ vote would mean and plan for that scenario."

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