EU referendum: BMW executives say they want the UK to stay in the EU as Prime Minister David Cameron continues tour of Germany and Hungary

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British Prime Minister David Cameron Visits BMW Car Manufacturing Plant In Munich
Cameron met with workers at the BMW manufacturing plant in Munich today (Source: Getty)

Bosses at the German car giant BMW warned against Britain leaving the European Union today, as Prime Minister David Cameron toured the car company's manufacturing plant in Munich.

Ian Robertson, director of sales at the company, said BMW would "regret" seeing the UK leave the EU.

"The UK has the most diverse car industry in Europe and is the fourth-largest market of BMW Group worldwide," he said.

"BMW Group has invested over £1.75bn in the UK since the year 2000 across its four manufacturing plants and sources £1.2bn worth of goods and services from UK suppliers annually.

"Together with our dealer network, we employ over 24,000 people directly while supporting nearly 50,000 UK jobs in the UK. In this context we believe it is advantageous for the UK to remain in the EU and to continue to be an active and influential member.”

BMW directly employs 7,000 people in the UK.

Cameron met with employees at the BMW plant in Munich as part of his two-day tour to Germany and Hungary.

Speaking earlier today to members of the Christian Social Union in Bavaria, Cameron said the "relationship between Britain and Germany is so strong and so important".

Cameron said he would "like to secure the future of Britain in a reformed European Union" and thought achieving his EU reform agenda was "possible" and "not just good for Britain but good for Europe".

"Not simply because other European countries will benefit by Britain continuing to be a member of Europe but I think its important that this organisation shows it has the flexibility of a network and can address concerns of individual members, rather than the rigidity of a bloc."

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