Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell leave early from Labour's Christmas party

Edith Hancock
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Jeremy Corbyn Holds Rally In Cambridge
"Did I leave the oven on?" Perhaps the Labour leader was just being cautious (Source: Getty)

Labour had its annual Christmas party yesterday, and despite everyone's differences there were no punch-ups or seething. A recent report in the Telegraph quoted a Labour MP as saying just 43 people would show up, with some planning to pre-drink at home to get themselves through the evening, but apparently there was no need.

Everyone was on top form, aside from Jeremy Corbyn who bowed out just before 9pm.

While the ladies of the party rocked up in twos and threes at the annual boozer at The Albert on Victoria Street, shadow chancellor John McDonnell (un-official title as the minister for Maoism) and party leader Jeremy Corbyn arrived separately and alone.

The Evening Standard reported that Corbyn was the first to leave, just before 9pm when the karaoke started getting under way. No chance of a rendition of Merry X-mas (War is Over) from the MP, then. What a shame, apparently Mary Creagh and Yvette Cooper belting out I Will Survive was a must-see.

Similarly, McDonnell was off just ten minutes later. The Capitalist wonders if they've been practising their early departure technique for the new year...

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