Five ways London companies can recruit top talent to technology jobs

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London can attract the world's top talent (Source: Flickr/wiredforlego)

1. It’s not all about the money

We find 80 per cent of candidates accept interviews based on factors other than the highest salary offered, so take the time to promote what makes your company unique in order to engage candidates.

For early stage startups that can’t compete with larger companies on salary, perks like flexible working hours or the ability to work remotely are important parts of the overall package that can help attract candidates.

For example, 18 per cent of the companies we work with in the UK offer flexible working in terms of hours and location, while 16 per cent offer free lunches. Other variables that affect candidate decision making include industry, office location, vision, team and culture.

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2. Create a great tech culture

Engineers want to work in an environment where technology is at the heart of the business and where there is a great engineering culture. Creating a good culture isn’t about having a ping-pong table or free beer on tap, but is more about creating a learning culture where people are encouraged to take ownership of their mistakes. Engineers really value an environment where there is transparency and consistency of decision making, and where open debate is encouraged.

3. Stay in touch

Best practice is to get back to a candidate within 24 hours of an interview to let them know your decision - there’s no need to play coy or drag it out. If you’re unable to call them the next day then send them an email update, ideally with specific and constructive feedback.

Scheduling the next round of interviews within three days of the previous interview will help you keep the candidate engaged. Having a good recruitment process will not only help you secure the best talent quickly but, because candidates talk to their friends, will also send positive signals to the market about your employer brand and company culture.

4. Move fast

Top candidates are usually off the market within three weeks. Ensure you act quickly if you like a candidate or another company may get there first. Continuously keeping an eye out for top talent in the market and refining your recruitment practices to make them more efficient, will enable you to snap up the best candidates before your competitors do.

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5. Prepare early for the January rush

January is a great time of the year to start looking for your next hire, as it is the month when the largest numbers of people start looking for a new position. There will be much more competition for the best candidates at this time of year so planning before Christmas will allow you to be one of the first companies out there looking for tech talent in the New Year.

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