Sofia airport evacuated, anti-terror officers deployed, after explosive device found in Bulgaria's main airport

Catherine Neilan
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Bulgarian police have shut off part of the country's main airport after finding an explosive device in the back of a van parked outside.

Terminal 1 of Sofia airport has been evacuated, and flights to and from the airport have been delayed, while the safety of the area is still being determined. Specialist anti-terrorist officers have been brought in to deal with the developing situation.

The doors of the van have been ripped off by a robot investigating the vehicle, as the police attempt to neutralise the bomb, local media is reporting.

Border police are reported to have said "The threat is serious."

They have said the van was parked at 1am local time, and the "non-Bulgarian" owners are reported to have left the airport at 5am. Bags from the van are thought to have been checked in.

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