Finance fears are putting off 40 per cent of Brits who'd like to start their own business

Madeline Ratcliffe
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It takes more than a zany whiteboard to start a business (Source: Intouch Accounting)

Forget a nation of shopkeepers, we're a would-be nation of entrepreneurs – almost 40 per cent of Britons would like to start their own business.

But a lack of stable income, and fears over financing are forcing Brits to bin their business plans, according to a survey from Intouch Accounting.

More than half of under-35s said they would like to start their own business, with women leading the way. 60 per cent of women between 18 and 34-years-old saying they'd like to be their own boss.

The lack of stable income was the ultimate obstacle to starting a business according to 47 per cent of participants, despite a City A.M. report that Britain’s SMEs generate a yearly turnover of over £1 trillion – one third of the UK’s overall business turnover.

The prospect of securing start-up funding also dampened Britishambitions, with 25 per cent saying it would put them off.

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