The public are less satisfied with Jeremy Corbyn than any other Labour leader at the time of taking the reins, according to poll

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Corbyn does not understand the problems facing Britain as much as Cameron, according to the poll (Source: Getty)

We’ve heard a lot about Labour’s new leader, Jeremy Corbyn, in the last few months, but we now know how British people as a whole view him, thanks to a poll published today.

According to an Ipsos Mori report, Corbyn is the first Labour leader to be awarded a negative net satisfaction rating in their debut appearance in the Ipsos Mori ratings.

When asked, 33 per cent of people said they were satisfied with Corbyn, compared with 36 per cent who said they were dissatisfied, giving him a total rating of minus three per cent.

He is seen as more satisfactory than David Cameron - who was awarded minus 10 per cent by the nation - but this is historically low for an opposition leader, and low by Labour's standards overall.

Recent Labour leaders including Ed Miliband, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair all had satisfaction ratings in the teens. Even Michael Foot, one of Margaret Thatcher's staunchest opponents, had a higher rating (two per cent).

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Corbyn was, however, considered “more honest than most politicians” and more in touch with ordinary people.
But when it comes to being "capable", Cameron is streets ahead, as the below figures show.

Interestingly, Cameron's rating has improved across every characteristic tested since the General Election.

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The poll also showed the Conservatives ahead on support, with 39 per cent to Labour's 34 per cent. The Liberal Democrats come in third with nine per cent, beating Ukip, which got seven per cent.

It follows polling last week that suggested most voters do not see Corbyn as Prime Ministerial.

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