Facebook will be able to tell us who the most "disliked" politician is

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Farage may be holding the flag, but is most likely to be the most "disliked" politician (Source: Getty)

The people of the United Kingdom are often scornful of its leaders, yet all there is to determine how much the public really dislike a politician is their judgement and approval ratings. Until now.

Facebook’s acceptance that there will, after all, be a “dislike” button next to its “like” button will have a quaint added bonus: it will tell us which politicians in the UK are the most disliked.

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But just who will win the accolade of most despised politician? Betway thinks our Prime Minister, David Cameron, is the second most likely politician to get the most dislikes, at odds of 15/8.

Out in front is UK Independence Party frontman Nigel Farage, with odds of 10/11 of getting the most dislikes of any politician.

The below chart shows what you the odds of politicians to win the prize of most dislikes.


Nigel Farage                   10/11

David Cameron              15/8

Boris Johnson                 9/2

Jeremy Corbyn               11/2

Tony Blair                       6/1

George Galloway           50/1

Nicola Sturgeon             66/1

Tim Farron                       100/1

Caroline Lucas               250/1

Comparing this to the amount of support the politicians have on Facebook, the below is a chart of the amount of likes they have, indicating some measure of social media popularity or influence.

What is notable is the sheer number of likes some politicians have. David Cameron has almost 750,000 likes on Facebook, and George Galloway has almost 450,000. Even Nicola Sturgeon has almost 200,000.

And so while it has long been thought the introduction of dislikes could result in negative trolling, what was perhaps not thought of is the scale of trolling politicians may face.

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