Could football transfer fees be banned? Players' union Fifpro files legal complaint against Fifa with European Commission

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De Bruyne was one of the high-profile moves in a summer transfer window of record spending (Source: Getty)

Should football transfers be banned?

That's the revolutionary idea being put forward by world players' union Fifpro who have lodged a legal complaint against Fifa with the European Commission over the current system in place.

Fifpro believe the current transfer system breaches EU competition law and that beyond the big, cash-rich leagues in Europe "there is almost slavery taking place" where players are unfairly bound to contracts and denied the freedom of movement granted to other workers.

The union also argues that the current system is anti-competitive, as only a handful of clubs are able to afford rocketing transfer fees, while the majority of clubs are left behind.

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It has filed the legal complaint after it said negotiations with Fifa failed to yield any results.

Fifpro represents around 70,000 footballers across the globe and argues the reality of life for the majority of players is a far cry from the financial security enjoyed by those in the Premier League.

The group claims that round 35 per cent of the players they represent are not paid on time, yet clubs and agents still profit from the transfer of players.

If the Commission rules in favour of Fifpro, its proposed reforms could fundamentally change the football industry.

The union is proposing that if a player has not been paid by a club for over 30 days they have the right to terminate their contract at 10 days' notice - as things stand a player must wait at least 90 days.

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