New iPhone 6s or 7 Plus UK release date and price 2015: What features and rumours to expect from the live Apple launch event on September 9

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Apple will unveil new products imminently (Source: Getty)

As surely as the leaves start to turn from green to orange and the kids head back to school, September is the season of the Apple iPhone launch.

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Today, tech fans are waiting patiently for Apple's latest event, where, like a headmaster giving his start of term speech, Apple boss Tim Cook is expected to unveil not just the latest iPhone 6s (or 7) but a host of other goodies along with it - including the iPad Pro, Apple TV and 3D Touch.

The new iPhone is rumoured to be called the 6s and 6s Plus rather than the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, but this is yet to be confirmed.

Here's what you need to know about Apple's big event tomorrow.

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

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Just a year after Apple's most successful ever iPhone launch, the 6s and 6s Plus will follow hot on the iPhone 6's heels. Several features of the best-selling phone are getting an upgrade - think of the "s" model as an enhanced version rather than an entirely new design (don't worry, there's already talk of the iPhone 7 for next year if that's what you're waiting for).

iPhone Camera update

One of the major upgrades is expected to be to the iPhone camera. much to the delight of selfie-taking smartphone fans. Both front and back cameras, already heralded for their quality in Apple's TV ads are expected to have a higher resolution - potentially up to 12 megapixels - and the front camera will be able to record 4k quality video, it's rumoured. The phone will also apparently help you take better pictures through new light sensors and a panoramic setting for selfies.

Force Touch technology

The new iPhone will come with an improved touch screen, which uses Apple's Force Touch technology. This means, rather than just responding to your finger, the phone can respond to different pressures to perform different functions. The latest version of this technology is apparently called 3D Touch, because it adds three dimensions to the technology.

Processing power and Ram

Expect the power of the iPhone 6s to be significantly improved by with greater processing and memory. This will mean apps work more quickly, actions will be more responsive, and users will generally save those all important seconds waiting for things to load.

New iPhone colours

If colours are more your bag, don't worry, there's expected to be a shiny new one - rose gold.

When is the UK release date?

Eager beavers are likely to be able to get hold of the new iPhone by the end of the month, with Apple usually making iPhones available within a week or two of their unveiling. A leaked memo suggests pre-orders will begin on 18 September and that it will go on sale on 25 Septemeber.

Last year the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus was released to pre-order on 12 September 2014 with a UK release date of 19 September. This year will most likely follow suit.

iPhone 6S price: how much will Apple's new iPhone cost in the UK?

The iPhone 6 came out last year with prices starting at £539 for 16GB, £619 for the 64GB and £699 for the 128GB devices.

The 5.5in iPhone 6 Plus is available in the same colours and storage options with the following prices: £619 (16GB), £699 (64GB) and £789 (128GB).
So according to history, the new iPhone price will be in the same range and Apple is rumoured to be keeping the cheaper 16GB option.

New rumoured iPads

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Giant iPad "Pro"

If you've ever thought the iPad was just too small, now's your moment - a giant iPad is on the way. The "iPad Pro" as it's been dubbed, is a larger version of the iPad Air, packing in an extra three inches on the current models, at an expected 12.9 inches, It'll be bigger, but not quite a slablet... yet.

iPad mini 4

On a smaller note, an update to the iPad mini is also expected to be on the announcement list. The iPad mini 4 will remain the same as current versions - 7.9 inches - but may be thinner. Expect improved processing power and cameras too, to bring it up to date.

There's likely to be a bit of a longer wait for anyone wanting to get their hands on either of the new iPads, with dates in October and November mooted.

iOS 9 download

The latest update to Apple's operating system was revealed earlier this year at its developer conference. The majority of iPhone and iPad users will be able to get their hands on the update, which is likely to be released this week too.

With iOS 9 comes the newsreader Apple News, improvements to maps, and even smarter Siri, and iPad users will finally be able to multitask between apps easily.

Apple TV rumours

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Apple TV updates have been a staple of the rumour mill for years. In fact, the last time there was a significant announcement about Apple's entertainment streaming device was more than three years ago. Now, the New York Times has reported that the new version of Apple TV will have a particular new focus on gaming, with a console-like remote and a gaming app store, as well as better graphics. As well as a general refresh to the hardware and software of the Apple TV, it's also been rumoured that the iPhone's Siri will be incorporated into the TV, meaning it can be controlled with just your voice.

Apple Watch update

Not to be left out, the owners of Apple's newest product are expected to get a treat too. An update to the Apple Watch operating system is likely, offering a selection of updated and improved features. In terms of hardware, it's been reported that the fashion conscious among Apple-wearers will be treated to a selection of new straps for the device.

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