Maximum excitement with sporting index

EUROPEAN Championship qualifiers frequently pit big teams against no-hopers and punters can be put off taking prohibitively short odds.

But with Sporting Index there are so many different markets to ensure excitement throughout any match.

Total goal minutes is a prediction on the total minutes of each goal scored in a match. For example, a 2-0 victory for a side in which goals were netted in the 12th and the 50th minutes would make up 62.

Naturally, bettors would expect England to thrash San Marino so the potential total goal minutes make-up can be huge. Last time the Three Lions were away at San Marino the market made up a whopping 358 in the 8-0 win.

Traders have pitched total goal minutes at 282-300 for the clash tomorrow. Buyers would make a profit for any result over 300. A repeat of the 2013 outcome, for example, would make-up 358 and return a 58 times stake profit.

Those selling at 282 would need San Marino to frustrate the visitors and ensure any make-up was lower than 282. And remember, goals from either team count towards the total and early goals won’t contribute as much to the final total as late ones.

Not that Sporting Index are expecting a home goal. San Marino team goals are trading at just 0-0.2. England are expected to score 5.5-5.7 goals.

Losses can exceed your initial deposit. Prices subject to fluctuation.