Maximum excitement with sporting index

THERE’S eight Premier League games for sports spread bettors to get stuck into tomorrow and Sporting Index have a number of markets that revolve around all the matches.

Aggregate total goals is a prediction on how many goals in total will be scored across the eight fixtures. It’s pitched at 22.5-23.3. If you were expecting a number of goalfests – perhaps Chelsea will fire against Crystal Palace and Manchester City can continue their fine form versus Watford – then you might want to buy, expecting at least 24 goals.

If, for example, there were 26 goals netted, then buyers at 23.3 would make 2.7 times their stake profit. Sellers at 22.5 would lose 3.5 times their stake.

Aggregate markets are available on everything from total goals scored by home teams, total goals hit by away teams, multi-goals – the first half goals scored multiplied by the second half goals in a group of matches – plus many more.

The aggregate home goal rush and the aggregate away goal rush are other popular markets. Points are awarded for each home/away side depending on the number of goals they score in their match.

For example, 0 points for 0 goals, 10 points for one goal and 20 points for two goals.

Losses can exceed your initial deposit. Prices subject to fluctuation.