Maximum excitement on Man City v Chelsea

SOME teams have already suffered surprise disappointments this campaign, but losing this one will be a big blow to either Jose Mourinho or Manuel Pelligrini.

These are the best two sides in the league and they have been very evenly matched in recent seasons with four Chelsea wins, three Man City wins and three draws in the last 10 league meetings.

It’s a tight game to call but, rather than just backing an outcome with a fixed-odds firm, you can make a more exciting play with a supremacy or win index spread bet.

Sporting Index marginally favour City and have their supremacy at 0.3-0.5. That means that a 2-0 home win would earn you 1.5 times your stake if you bought City.

However, if you fancy opposing Pellegrini’s men you would sell at 0.3 and know that a draw or Chelsea win would leave you in profit.

A slightly more volatile market is the win index where 25 points are awarded for a win, 10 for a draw and none for a defeat.

Chelsea’s win index spread is 8.5-10, so a win would result in a 15-point profit for buyers while you would break even for a draw and lose 10 times your stake if City won.

City are 13.5-15 on the index and therefore would need to win to ensure that their buyers don’t lose money.

The first big game of the season is here already and a spread bet is the perfect way to make it even more exciting.

Losses can exceed your initial deposit. Prices subject to fluctuation.