From Sir Mike Rake, John Dixon and Martin Wheatley's shock departures to Apple Pay: Here's what got us talking this week

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There were a few ejecting seats in the City this week (Source: Wikimedia)
There was some golf. There was cheese (with our burgers) in London. And throughout the country's railway stations, there was a quiz that got us scratching our heads.

Here's what got us talking this week

1. The City was overrun with ejecting chairs
Fresh from Antony Jenkins' sacking last week, this week it was the turn of Sir Mike Rake's surprise exit to be revealed – a little earlier than Barclays press team would have liked. The move suggested to us and others that John “Mack the Knife” McFarlane was on a roll. Barclays bankers beware.
2. One in four of us is a drunk Mr Hyde
We'd like to think we were more Mary Poppins (“sweet, responsible drinkers”) or even a Hemingway (“can drink hells any amount of whiskey without getting drunk) but almost a quarter of us are Mr Hydes (“less responsible, less intellectual and more hostile”). Sound familiar? If not, that'll just be the blackouts.
3 . Apple Pay landed in the UK
Will it change your life? Almost certainly not. But it might at least make your commute a bit smoother. That is, unless your battery runs out mid-journey in which case it turns out you could be fined. But is there any point trying to resist? Again, almost certainly not.
4. Greece got its deal
At the very least it got its bridge loan sorted. George Osborne started the week by saying absolutely, categorically, there was no way the UK would be footing the bill. But, of course, he backtracked on the proviso the UK's cash will be returned. And while there was some relief in the markets and among some of the negotiators, it seemed that in general, everyone everywhere (including more than half of Germany, most of Twitter, German finance minister Wolfgang Shaeuble and all of Greece) was unhappy.
5. The unions' last stand?
On the week the Trade Union Bill was introduced to parliament, the transport unions flexed their muscles yet again, reuniting all too soon over the soon-to-launch Night Tube. The action has been roundly condemned by business groups claiming it could cost London's economy millions more.

Infographic of the week

Ever fancied a nosey around the Cheesegrater...?

Leisurely Reads

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The Last Word

“It’s bollocks. You look at the number of investigations into food retailers – and why? It’s political, we are a cheap target. They never find anything.”


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