Ex-HSBC boss Lord Green faces grilling from House of Lords

Suzie Neuwirth
HSBC is facing allegations that it enabled money laundering in Mexico (Source: Getty)
The elusive Lord Green will finally face a grilling today on high-profile scandals that occurred during his tenure at the helm of HSBC.

Green – who headed up the bank between 2006 and 2010 – is up in front of the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee, where he will be quizzed on allegations that HSBC enabled money laundering in Mexico and helped clients to dodge tax in Switzerland.

“We want to ask him all the relevant questions around what happened at HSBC,” committee chair Lord Clive Hollick told City A.M.. “Lord Green has not so far appeared before a House of Lords committee, so it is an opportunity for us to ask questions many people have been asking for years, and it gives him a chance to answer them.”

Sir Win Bischoff, former chair of Lloyds Bank, will also be giving evidence at the session, which will examine “banking culture”.

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