Eurosceptic report draws sharp criticism

Lauren Fedor
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A NEW report from Eurosceptic business leaders has elicited strong criticism from opposing campaigners.

The pro-European Business for New Europe campaign has called Business for Britain’s new report, Change or Go – which has been serialised in the Daily Telegraph – “spurious, misleading and built on sand.”

Business for Britain argued yesterday that if the UK were to leave an unreformed EU, the average British household would save up to £933 a year, with the biggest savings coming from lower food prices.

But Business for New Europe campaign director Lucy Thomas rejected the claims, saying: “Business for Britain’s sums have now gone from bad to worse.”

“The more we see of their calculations about the benefits of our EU membership the clearer it is that they simply have no idea what life after exit would really look like for the UK,” Thomas added, citing Confederation of British Industry research estimating the economic benefit of the UK being in the single market is worth £3,000 per household each year.