Harry Cory Wright: Anglia - art review

Harry Cory Wright is a long-time Norfolk resident
Eleven Gallery | ★★★★☆
East Anglia isn’t known for its magisterial landscape – endless flat, wild land is hardly the stuff of picture post-cards. What it does have is space: space for light to meld and dance. Space to explore. And as the work of Harry Cory Wright shows, there are rich pickings for the patient and adventurous photographer.
A long-time Norfolk resident, Cory Wright hikes deep into the wilderness with his 10 x 8 inch wooden Gandolfi plate camera. In the past he focused on the expansive beaches and skies of the Norfolk coast, but for his latest series he takes his camera in-land. The echoey cathedrals and eerie streams suggest a region still in contact with its spiritual past.

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