The night-time economy just got its own industry group

Jessica Morris
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Madame Jojo's in Soho is part of the night-time economy that has closed down (Source: Getty)

The £66bn night-time economy will now be backed by its own industry group, which has been set up to trumpet the broad-based contribution it makes to the UK.

The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) said it will be making the case for the sector, which was responsible 1.3m jobs and £66bn in annual revenue back in 2010 according to a study by consultancy TBR.

Board members include Dance Tunnel's Dan Beaumont who set up popular venue Dalston Superstore in Hackney, as well as Alex Proud of Proud Group who owns Proud nightclub in Camden.

"We want to provide a voice for those in the night time industries [ranging from] single venue operator to those with numerous venues," Alan Miller, group chairman and cofounder of East London's Old Truman Brewery, said.

Over the past year a number of late night venues across London have been forced to shut down including legendary nightclub Madame Jojo's in Soho.

The club's license was revoked following a violence incident, however local Labour councillors subsequently called for it to reopened but under new management.

They had argued: "There is precious little left of what made Soho unique. There is no need for more burger bars, pizza places and bland restaurants – there are plenty of these a few minutes away in the rest of the West End."

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