Mike Ashley's Sports Direct HQ raided by police investigating former Rangers owners

Joe Hall
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Sports Direct owner Mike Ashley is an influential shareholder at Sports Direct. (Source: Getty)

Scottish police have raided Mike Ashley's Sports Direct headquarters as part of a two-year investigation into two takeovers of Rangers football club.

Mike Ashley owns an 8.6 per stake in Rangers, whose previous owners Craig Whyte and Charles Green are the subject of the investigation that led police to Sports Direct's Derbyshire base.

In a statement the retailer said the probe was not "directed at Sports Direct or at any of its directors or employees", but related to "Glasgow Rangers FC and various persons previously employed by and or associated with Rangers".

The statement explained: "The police were seeking documentation which might assist the investigation. Sports Direct has co-operated in the provision of information that the police request."

Scottish Police confirmed they had visited the premises but said as it was "part of a live investigation it would be inappropriate to comment further".

Whyte bought Rangers from Sir David Murray for £1 in 2011 and was owner as the club fell into administration in February 2012 and liquidation four months later. Whyte has since been charged with alleged fraudulent activity during his takeover of the club, with legal papers alleging he pretended to Murray to have funds that did not exist.

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