Miliband gives one voter the heebie-jeebies

Miliband gave one scared voter the heebie-jeebies
VOTERS have had some interesting reactions to the manifesto launches of the last week – and not in the way you might expect.

They collectively had only “the haziest recollection” of the details – despite them dominating the news all week.

As part of the weekly poll update for Ashcroft National Polls, they had to be shown edited highlights to refresh their memories.

Some of the reactions showed the humourous side of the British electorate.

On Miliband’s appearance, one said: “I’ve got to be honest. He gives me the heebie-jeebies,” while another added “How did he get in instead of his brother?”

On Cameron’s record in government, one said: “I work for Royal Mail, so I got privatised. Now I’ve got to work for a living and it’s a killer.”

Nick Clegg’s appearance also came in for a hammering. “He probably watches Countryfile or Antiques Roadshow, something soft and fluffy,” one respondent said “Or whatever his wife has told him they’re watching.