The most popular lunch in Britain? Just a simple cheese sandwich

Sarah Spickernell
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The UK is won over by sandwiches (Source: Getty)

When it comes to lunch, simplicity is key – Britons are more likely to opt for a good old cheese sandwich than anything else.

Not only that, but three in 10 choose this humble meal every single working day, and have done so for an average of four and a half years (that's around 1,000 cheese sandwiches in a row).
Brown bread is favoured over white bread, and over half of us will occasionally throw some crisps into the mix, too.
Failing cheese, we tend to go for the ham option, while chicken sandwich comes in third place. In fact, the UK spends an estimated £7.5bn on sandwiches every year.
Salad is the fourth most-popular lunch, followed (rather generically) by "other" sandwich.
The good news about all this is how cheap the humble sandwich works out. On average, Britons spend just £13 a week on lunches according to Lurpak, which looked at the lunchtime eating habits of 2,000 office workers across the UK.

Britain's top 10 lunches

1. Cheese sandwich

2. Ham sandwich

3. Chicken sandwich

4. Salad

5. Other sandwich

6. Tomato soup

7. Pasta

8. Vegetable wrap

9. Wrap

10. Microwave meal

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