Apple Watch reviews: What the critics think

The Apple Watch will be available for pre-order on 10 April and goes on sale on 24 April
The Apple Watch is available for pre-launch tomorrow and the first reviews are in. Here's what the tech journalists who were lucky enough to get their hands on the new device early made of it.
Nilay Patel, The Verge
“[The Apple Watch] is one of the most ambitious products I’ve ever seen; it wants to do and change so much about how we interact with technology. But that ambition robs it of focus: it can do tiny bits of everything, instead of a few things extraordinarily well. For all of its technological marvel, the Apple Watch is still a smartwatch, and it’s not clear that anyone’s yet figured out what smartwatches are actually for.”
Joshua Topolsky, Bloomberg
“The watch is not life-changing. It is, however, excellent. Apple will sell millions of these devices, and many people will love and obsess over them. It is a wonderful component of a big ecosystem that the company has carefully built over many years. It is more seamless and simple than any of its counterparts in the marketplace. It is, without question, the best smartwatch in the world.”
Geoffrey Fowler, Wall Street Journal
“The big reason many people - even many Apple fans will skip the Apple Watch is that it’s too new...For now, the Apple Watch is for pioneers”
John Gruber, Daring Fireball
“I’ve worn a watch every day since I was in 7th grade, almost 30 years ago. I’m used to being able to see the time with just a glance whenever there is sufficient light. Apple Watch is somewhat frustrating in this regard. Even when Wrist Raise detection works perfectly, it takes a moment for the watch face to appear. There’s an inherent tiny amount of lag that isn’t there with a regular watch.”

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