Missed this Israeli election? There will be another one along shortly

Joseph Millis
ISRAEL’S General Election yesterday ended in a technical draw between the right-wing Likud party and centre-left rivals the Zionist Union.

Exit polls for two of the three main TV channels gave both parties 27 seats in the 120-seat Knesset (parliament). A third poll had the Likud slightly ahead, 28 seats to 27.

The Joint Arab List appeared to be heading for third place, with a projected 13 seats, with the remain­der made up of a mishmash of parties of the left, centre, far right and ultra Orthodox Jewish groups.

Coalition negotiations will take several weeks, with both Likud and the Zionist Union prom­ising plum positions to the small parties.

And because of the fractured nature of the incoming parliament, these negotiations are unlikely to lead to a stable government.

Israeli political analysts suggested that unless a grand coalition between Likud and Zionist Union is set up, there will another election within 18 months.