How Halifax wants to use your heartbeat as a security device

Emma Haslett
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The lender said the technology is at an early stage (Source: Corbis)

Bank security just took a step into the future, after the Halifax introduced a system that uses your heartbeat to identify you.

Forget pin numbers and card readers - this system uses a Nymi wristband, which can read the rhythm of the wearer's heart. According to its makers, everyone's heartbeat is different - which makes it the perfect authentication device.

Not only does the wristband sense the wearer's heartbeat, it can work out where they are - if they're anywhere near a device which allows them to access their account, it will unlock it.

And even if you're feeling a bit stressed over your account balance, the wristband will still be able to tell it's you - it works by measuring the shape of the wearer's electrocardiogram (ECG) wave, rather than their heart rate.

At the moment, the lender said the system is at an early stage - but that it's being trialed with customers at the moment.

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