Google united: Tech giant will reform to face European challenges

Billy Ehrenberg
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Google faces daunting challenges in the European theatre (Source: Getty)

It’s all change for Google, as the search giant looks to re-group ready to face a wave of challenges to its European operations.

Google’s two separate European arms are to be united under one banner with Mat Brittin, who headed up the group’s northern and western European arm, given command. Leaders of Google’s operations in different countries will report to Brittin, who will be based in London.

It is hoped that the new structure will make Google respond better to nationalised issues, before they expand in scope and affect the wider company.

The move comes a Google faces daunting challenges in the European theatre. The technology company’s image has been damaged my accusations regarding its tax policy, and the European Commission has reopened an antitrust issue, which could rumble on for several years.

In another serious challenge, the European parliament has called for the breakup of the company as a challenge to Google’s immense scope of influence.

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