Tesco boss Dave Lewis: Drastic he may be but let’s not forget dapper

Gabriella Griffith
Tesco chief executive Dave Lewis: drastic or dapper? (Source: Getty)
Drastic Dave Lewis had his day in the spotlight yesterday, reeling off a list of admittedly quite drastic measures in a bid to save Tesco.

But the one question The Capitalist wanted to ask was, how does Tesco boss Drastic Dave Lewis feel about constantly being called drastic?

Maybe one day he’d like to be Mildly Decisive Dave Lewis. Or Keeps Everybody Happy Dave Lewis.

“I’ve never been a fan of nicknames,” he said.

“That came from my Unilever days, and for Unilever it was a drastic change that we made – if you talk to people there they always laugh about it.

“The bit I prefer people to remember is when we did make that change the business went on to be more competitive.” Some veiled words of comfort for the Tesco employees affected by the touted 30 per cent cut in overheads and the farewell to Cheshunt?

He may not like the name, but luckily chief finance officer Alan Stewart was on hand to come up with another option for Tesco’s chief.

“Let’s call him Dapper Dave,” he interjected.

Brownie points to Stewart.

But what does Dapper Dave call him?

Nothing it seems.

Well there’s time for that yet. How about Sums Are Right This Time Stewart? Here’s hoping anyway…

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