Apple wins billion dollar competition trial over rival music on iTunes

Jessica Morris
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Apple has won a billion pound court lawsuit after a US jury found updates to its iTunes service in 2006 weren't intended to kill rivals' music.

Eight Jurors took just hours to find that Apple's iTunes 7.0, which had been released in late 2006, was a genuine product improvement meaning it could not be in violation of competition laws.

Lawyers representing numerous iPod customers and retailers had argued Apple's competitors were unfairly locked out of its iTunes service by software improvements, meaning the company had abused its position in the digital market between late 2006 and March 2009.

They were seeking $350m (£222m) in damages which could have swelled to over a billion US dollars had Apple been in violation of US competition laws.

The case has weathered a series of bizarre twists and turns nearing collapse earlier this month due to objections from the company's lawyers and even used the late Steve Jobs as a key witness through his emails and videos.

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