Which? says 'confusing' broadband advertising "misleads customers"

Jessica Morris
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Which? says that the way broadband speeds are advertised is "confusing".

Consumer watchdog Which? is calling for the way broadband speeds are advertised to be overhauled, as current methods are "confusing" potential customers.

The current guidelines say the speed quoted only has to apply to 10 per cent of customers. However, new research carried out by Which? has revealed just one in 10 consumers knew about this rule.

Nearly nine in ten people said speed was the second most important factor when choosing a broadband provider – topped only by price.

Additionally, just five per cent of people agreed current broadband speed advertising is "clear".

Richard Lloyd, executive director at Which? said:

Internet connection is now an essential part of modern life so it beggars belief that providers can sell people short by advertising speeds that only 10% of customers could receive.

The group wants advertising watchdogs – The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) and the Broadcasting Committee of Advertising Practice (BCAP) – to review the guidelines governing what internet providers can say about broadband speeds in their advertisements.

Any ads that promote “superfast” internet should quantify how quick this actually is. Additionally, advertised speeds should be available to the majority of customers, rather than the current quota of just 10 per cent. Finally, broadband companies should clearly state how many people will get the speeds advertised.

It also launched a campaign – give us broadband speed guaranteed – and it is trying to get 40,000 signatures.

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