Pumpkin shortage threatens to ruin Halloween

Catherine Neilan
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Pumpkins: If you see one, get it, because they are in short supply (Source: Getty).
If you've left it until today to pick up a pumpkin to carve for Halloween, you might be out of luck.
Owing to what farmers have described as the worst harvest in years, some shops have started reporting that they have sold out of the seasonal squash.
Apparently it is this year's wet weather that is the culprit – thousans of pumpkins rotted in field affected by rain in the north of England.
One Lincolnshire-based farmer told The Guardian: “It’s the worst I’ve seen for a decade. It’s a very short harvesting season of three to four weeks but it is a write-off for 2014.
The weather has made it impossible to harvest the crop in the field and what is coming out is neither up to the appearance required by the retailer or the quality to last through until Halloween. Our forecast is very bleak.”
Jim Meer, director of fruit and vegetable supplier Barfoots, said he was having to cease supplying certain wholesale customers.
“The recent weather has made harvesting conditions extremely difficult and with increased demand and lower yields it’s a juggling act to ensure our retail customers are getting sufficient stock through to fulfil the demand in store,” he added.
So where should you go for your pumpkins?
Tesco and Waitrose reportedly still have stock, so they could well be your best bet, or if you're near an M&S with a decent food hall you could try there.
But to avoid upsetting your children/spouse/self you might want to pop to a shop at lunchtime just to be on the safe side.

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