Did another Tory MP defect to Ukip? No. Here's how Twitter reacted and bookies' changed odds

Lynsey Barber
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Twitter wasn't happy about Ukip's non-defection news (Source: Getty)

Another tory MP defection to Ukip was almost certain the bookies said.

With Ukip calling a press conference, everyone was pretty confident this was the moment for a third defection after Mark Reckless and Douglas Carswell.

Alas no. To much disappointment, there was news (of sorts), but not the much anticipated defection everyone was holdng their breath for.

It looks like Ukip might have slightly misjudged the media’s appetite for Ukip related news, and Ladbrokes have changed their odds.

The bookie said defectors have now made their move and its odds-on (8/1) that Mark Reckless will be the last pre-election defection. Good news for Cameron who must have been on the edge of his seat all week.

Here's how Twitter reacted.

But maybe there is more to come after all?

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