iPhone 6 launch: Apple fans queue for hours as release date arrives

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The queue at Apple's Regent's Street store stretched into Hanover Square (Source: Getty)

After days of anguished waiting, today we finally get our hands on the hallowed iPhone 6.

The phone was unveiled last week following months of speculation over everything from its launch date to its colour, size, battery strength, screen resolution, etc etc.

When chief executive Tim Cook finally did the big reveal, we discovered the device comes in two sizes - 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, priced at £539 and £619 respectively. Reviewers gave both versions equally gushing writeups. One called it "the best smartphone currently available". Another said it was "a great upgrade for current iPhone users". And one just went berserk, saying he'd "give it six stars if I could".

The price may be steep - but it didn't prevent thousands of Apple fans standing in unreasonably long queues outside Apple Stores all over the world.

The one outside London's flagship Regent Street store snaked down the street, round the corner and into Hanover Square:

London's more enterprising queuers tried to sell their spots for cash:

Here's Jamael Ahmed, the first Londoner to get his hands on the iPhone 6. Doesn't he look pleased?

Source: Getty

Here Jamael is getting some high fives. Cool jacket, Jamael.

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In Sydney, some had camped for 10 days. But it's OK because they had their MacBook Airs to hand....

Their queue there stretched on...

... and on.

In Paris, the vibe was un petit peut more relaxed than elsewhere:

... while many of those in Berlin waited at least a day.

In the end there was something for everyone:

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Well - almost everyone...

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