Could the City get its own Wolf of Wall Street?

Gabriella Griffith
Geraint Anderson is the author of the Cityboy column
Wolf of Wall Street and just plain Wall Street have created classic depictions of the financial industry’s New York seat, but what about a cinematic romp through the City of London?
Well, Geraint Anderson, the former City analyst-turned-spill-his-guts-auth­or, who has dedicated his last few years to blowing the lid on the City’s biggest secrets with his City Boy column and book series, wants to make a movie. And it looks like it might just happen.
“I’ve done the rounds of my old City contacts and to my surprise they’ve pleasingly stumped up £200,000 to­wards the making of the film,” he told The Capitalist. “I’ve got one of the top three distribution companies in Europe willing to back it, I just need around a quarter of a million and we’ll be able to start.”

Cityboy - The Movie poster

Anderson was tight lipped about the identities of his backers apart from ex-Goldman trader Anton Kreil and he’s throwing a party in Soho next Thursday to try to woo some more would-be investors. If you fancy getting involved go to the website and register your interest.
All that’s left to do is find out who will play Anderson in the film… and persuade him to give The Capitalist a bit-part, natch.

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