Rolls-Royce car sales motor to new record

Rolls-Royce Ghost II - yours for £230,000
Luxury car maker Rolls-Royce yesterday announced that it had accelerated to a new sales record in the first half of this year, up one-third in comparison to last year.

The company, owned by German carmaker BMW since 2002, sold a total of 1,968 cars worldwide, it said.

“This is an excellent half-year result and demonstrates the continued confidence that our customers have in our company and our fine cars,” said Rolls-Royce Motor Cars chief executive Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes.

Sales were up in Europe by more than 60 per cent, in Asia Pacific by almost 40 per cent and in the Middle East by about 30 per cent, the company said. Sales in the US also recorded a double-digit rise.

Rolls-Royce saw strong demand for its Wraith models, and said it had “significant orders” for its Ghost Series II, which is due out in autumn this year.

Wraith, a two-door car, is priced at more than £210,000. It also reported strong orders for the Ghost Series II, an updated version of its “entry-level” saloon that hits the dealers’ showrooms later this year. There was also “good demand” for the Phantom, its top-of-the-range model that sells for up to £360,000.

Rolls-Royce helped to push BMW to record sales in the first half of the year. BMW Group vehicle sales rose 6.9 per cent on the same period last year, to a total of 1,020,211 vehicles.

However, not all of the group was on an upward traject­ory. The sales of its Mini fell 11.4 per cent to 131,896.

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