Ex-Barclays boss Bob Diamond joins Twitter

Lynsey Barber
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Bob Diamond is now on Twitter (Source:Twitter)

Bob Diamond, the former boss of Barclays bank, has joined Twitter using the name @rediamondjr.

The ex-Barclays chief, who departed the bank in 2012 amid the Libor scandal, has yet to tweet but is already following three people.

Perhaps wanting to build a better relationship with the media that lay much of the blame for Barclays’ problems at his door, Diamond is following Wall Street Journal journalist Erik Holm and Huffington Post producer Danny Shea.

And ignoring the rule that parent and offspring should avoid each other on social media, Diamond is also following his daughter Nell, who welcomed him to Twitter enthusiastically.

Now running investment firm Atlas Mara, Diamond appears a little more relaxed in his profile picture than when he was appearing in front of the Treasury Select Committee, posing with a large fish.

A spokesperson confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that Diamond has joined the social network, saying: “I wouldn’t expect him to be tweeting much. I don’t think he’s suddenly planning to launch into social media.”

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