Labour's owl for everyone tweet has us owling with laughter

Gabriella Griffith
Labour tweet declared, “everybody should have his own owl.”
When will they learn? Political parties and Twitter are not comfortable bedmates, unless widespread mockery sends them off to sleep effortlessly.
Yesterday Labour’s Twitter account sent out a message declaring “everybody should have his own owl.”
Overt sexism aside, the tweet was an enigma, sparking a tsunami of intense ridicule (although some agreed it was the most sensible policy the party had peddled in a while).
This is hardly the first time Labour has “Ballsed-up” a tweet (yes, you, Ed Balls). There was Ed Miliband’s famous typo on hearing Bob Holness died: “will remember him fondly from Blackbusters.” And we only have Ed Balls Day on 28 April because of Balls’ supposed navel-gazing in 2011, tweeting his own name.
David Cameron’s “on the phone to Obama” tweet must have been a real relief.
We look forward to the next twittastrophe with bated breath ­– after all, too many tweets make a tw*t, don’t they Cammers?
The owl update has since been deleted, with Labour blaming a “bot” for the tweet.

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