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17,000 construction firms risk collapsing any minute as high inflation is ‘destroying entire sector’
Pound: Hits two-week high against US dollar after Kwarteng brings forward OBR report
Ouch! Kwarteng’s ‘mini budget’ sends mortgage bills soaring £1,500
Not ruling it out: Truss refuses to rule out raising state pension age beyond 67
Sold! Poshmark purchased by Naver in £1.05bn shopping spree
Other news today
From Poll Tax to tampons and 10p rates: Historic U-turns that left governments red faced
by Michiel Willems
Deliveroo: Firm partners with Channel 4 for Gogglebox-style ad series
Allergy Therapeutics: Shares tumble after halting UK manufacturing
Crypto A.M. Daily: Optimism in the air as Bitcoin creeps closer to $20k
Not happy: Truss facing revolt on real-term benefits cut
Teaming up: AA and EDF join forces on South African renewables venture
Greggs: Sausage roll sales rise as consumers look for cheaper eats
Opinion & Features
Our bitcoiners must find their voice or we will lose the platform for innovative debate
by Christian Keroles
Money: When fiscal policy strays off course, pension funds lose out
Analysis: Kwarteng U-turn bodes ill for many tough fights to come
City Talk: Your career in finance – what really counts
Michael Doughty: Hylo Athletics founder on quitting football and ‘Patagonising Nike’
by Frank Dalleres
Worcester Warriors: Departures confirmed as club crisis continues
Premiership rugby: Quintuple of home victories as Sale show up
Life & Style
Ticket to Paradise review: George Clooney and Julia Roberts reunite
by James Luxford
London Film Festival 2022: Seven titles not to miss
Tory Party Conference: Where to eat, drink and sleep in Birmingham
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