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New Look in talks with lenders to refinance £100m debt
Evergreen move: How a telecoms exec, a Rugby World Cup winner and a host of chemists are plotting a quiet tech revolution
FTSE 100: A stable end to a miserable week
Coming up fast: China’s EV makers are our biggest rival, says Ford boss
Bailey’s back: Chancellor Jeremy Hunt says Bank must act – even if hikes slow UK economy
Top City investor: Rate hikes and gilt spike WILL throw UK economy into recession
The Elizabeth Line anniversary is a reminder of what London and other cities can achieve with the right kind of investment
by John Dickie
Will Cooling: Why are the Conservatives still so unimaginative on immigration figures?
Daniel Korski: Khan hasn’t used his powers to help the City, so he begs for more and blames SW1
It’s time to ditch the Monaco Grand Prix from Formula 1
by Matt Hardy
City Pages: The five new books on our radar this month
Sara Cox interview: ‘When I lost my dog, I threw myself into work’
Parachute payments: Uncertainty clouds the future of football’s richest game
Sisu: A Finnish take on Rambo and it’s bloody brilliant
Ed Warner: Football should offer players amnesty in wake of Ivan Toney betting ban
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