Evening Wrap
Brexit beating for British scientists as acadamics sound alarm over UK exclusion from £95bn Horizon program
by Michiel Willems
Homeworking: On the rise as growing number of employers introduce hybrid models for staff
Exclusive: Why the London Stock Exchange and Euronext are moving their datacentres around
THG: Shares fly as bidding war pushes online retailer’s value to £1.8bn
KPMG: Firm should take blame for Carillion scandal, not junior accountant Pratik Paw, critics say
When Musk met Bolsonaro: Brazilian President says Twitter takeover will be a ‘breath of hope’
Explainer-in-brief: The final act of No10’s Partygate?
by Elena Siniscalco
Opinion: If firms want to go green then we should give shareholders the keys to their plans
War: As we cut Russia off from our markets, we must also crack down on Western enablers
Protocol: Britain is right to step in as the EU drags its feet on a Northern Ireland concession
How The Glass Menagerie landed Hollywood A-lister Amy Adams
by Adam Bloodworth
Getting the party started: Sumosan Twiga, Knightsbridge 
US PGA Championship: Spotlight: Tiger Woods allowing rivals to fly under the radar
ASMR you listening? Design Museum’s exhibition brings ASMR IRL
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