Friday 2 December 2016 4:00 pm

Yule regret it: Christmas party hangovers to cost UK economy £541m this year, study estimates

Post-Christmas party hangovers could cost the UK economy £541m, a new study out today claims.

A survey of 2,000 British workers by Travelodge found that 57 per cent plan to attend two or more work Christmas parties this year.

And more than half will waste half a day after the do, costing the economy £541m in lost hours, Travelodge said.

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It said that a quarter (25 per cent) will be 25 per cent less productive and a fifth will call in sick or show up late.

Travelodge said that employees from London, Birmingham, Belfast, York and Cardiff are most likely to pull a sick day.

The study named Wrexham, Glasgow and Newcastle as the cities with the most hard-partying workers, and therefore the biggest losers of productivity.

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