Tuesday 14 January 2014 7:34 pm

Want to succeed in a hedge fund? Hit the gym(s)

HOW MANY gym memberships do you have? It’s not a question The Capitalist is used to hearing, but if you work in a hedge fund, it’s apparently something you need to think about. We got our hands on an academic paper published last week by the British Sociological Association, which muscles into the attitudes of male traders towards their bodies, ageing and fitness, as observed at one (thus far unidentified) City-based hedge fund. The sentiments seem more at home backstage at a Burberry catwalk show than in the depths of a City hedge fund. “All the p*ss is about how you look – that’s all they notice,” commented Ben, a trader, in the report (we’re pretty sure that’s not his real name). According to the study, titled, “Built to last: ageing, class and the masculine body in a UK hedge fund,” people at the mystery fund admit they get teased for not keeping fit, think affluence is linked to physical activity and exercise to offset the negative perceptions of ageing … oh and er, lie about getting work done. “Conversations on the floor suggested that traders explicitly rejected or mocked the idea of Botox or other forms of cosmetic treatment,” goes the report. “Yet, during interviews some mentioned dyeing their hair, having regular massages or going on an intense boot camp holiday in order to ‘fix’ parts of their body.” Phew! As if being a trader wasn’t stressful enough…