Friday 24 May 2019 11:15 am

Theresa May's resignation: Political allies and rivals react

Prime Minister Theresa May said today she would step down as Prime Minister on 7 June after the failure of her flagship Brexit policy.

Her resignation triggers a contest for the leadership of the Conservative Party and the keys to 10 Downing Street.

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Supporters and political rivals reacted to her resignation this morning.

Boris Johnson

The favourite to succeed May as PM paid tribute to her “dignified” resignation speech and set out his position as the leader to deliver on the 2016 referendum result. Since his resignation from cabinet last year, Johnson has used his Telegraph column as a platform to deliver regular swipes at May’s handling of the Brexit negotiations.

Andrea Leadsom

May’s main rival for the Tory leadership in 2016 triggered her eventual downfall with her resignation from Cabinet on Thursday night. The former leader of the House and prominent Brexiter is one of the frontrunners to succeed May.

Jeremy Corbyn

The Labour leader was unsympathetic to May's fate and reiterated Labour's demand for a general election.

Dominic Raab

The former Brexit secretary, who has set out his pitch to the Tory grassroots with a tough stance on Brexit, paid tribute to May today. 

Michael Gove

Environment secretary Michael Gove has been a key supporter of May since his return to cabinet in 2017. Gove spent a period in the political wilderness following his betrayal of Brexiter ally Boris Johnson following the 2016 referendum, but has rebuilt his stock of political capital in the ensuing years and is now one of the favourites to succeed May.

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Jeremy Hunt

Foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt has plotted an increasingly independent course in recent months as May’s authority over her Cabinet crumbled. Another frontrunner for the top job.

Heidi Allen

The Change UK leader and former Tory MP Heidi Allen showed a note of regret in her response to May’s emotional resignation speech.

Amber Rudd

Former Home Secretary Amber Rudd lost her post over the Windrush debacle, allowing May to escape relatively unscathed from a scandal that largely stemmed from her hardline six-year stint at the Home Office.

Steve Baker

Key European Research Group member Steve Baker has been a constant thorn in the side during May’s premiership. He welcomed her exit today.