Tuesday 2 June 2015 2:11 pm

Taking "all inclusive" seriously: Argentinians steal the most from hotels - while polite UK travellers come 16th

We’ve all nabbed the odd shampoo from the en suite in our hotel rooms – but it turns out Argentina is a nation which takes the words “all inclusive” very seriously. According to a new survey, 73 per cent of Argentinians have admitted to stealing from their hotel rooms when they’re on holiday.

Singapore is the next worst, with 71 per cent saying they’ve pilfered, while 70 per cent of Spanish travellers and 68 per cent of Germans have nicked items from their hotel rooms.

Meanwhile, Argentina’s Latin American peer Colombia has the most trustworthy hotel guests, with just 31 per cent saying they’ve stolen from rooms, while 33 per cent of Danes and Norwegians have nicked items.
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The UK is way down in 16th place. That still means 46 per cent of British travellers have stolen from their hotels, mind – although 25 per cent said it was only pen and paper. Not exactly grand larceny.

In fact, stationery is the most-stolen item from hotel rooms, with 20 per cent saying they’ve nicked it. After that, 12 per cent said they’ve taken slippers, while 10 per cent said they accidentally left without handing back their room key – which, to be fair, isn’t so much stealing as forgetfulness…