Monday 20 June 2016 12:05 am

StreetDots rolls out 12 more London pitches for food vendors on back of three partnerships with British Land, Land Securities and TH Real Estate

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TECH start-up StreetDots today announced deals with three major land partners to expand its network of street-food “pitches” across London.

In partnerships with British Land, Land Securities and TH Real Estate, the firm will open 12 more pitches across the capital.

The pitches, in the form of large dots, play host to a rotating offer of street-food vendors. These are managed by StreetDots’ one-stop technology, which handles rent, documentation, marketing and sales tracking on behalf of the vendors.

Once traders are vetted, they can book dates on the StreetDots app. The trading spaces are flagged by actual vinyl dots on the ground bearing the StreetDots logo, so street-trucks can drive on, trade and drive off.

StreetDots co-founder Atholl Milton said: “Our technology liberates landlords and traders from an out-dated and time-consuming manual booking process, so they can concentrate on enlivening space with great food.”

StreetDots three dots in British Land’s Broadgate Circle have showcased over sixty young independent food brands since 2015. This month it will host a further five dots across the wider Broadgate campus. Separately, StreetDots will open four dots in Land Securities One New Change development and three in TH Real Estate’s Bermondsey Square.

The contracts mark the next phase of expansion for StreetDots which aims to have fifty locations across the UK by the end of the year. This summer it will open in Land Securities’ Buchanan Galleries shopping centre in Glasgow.

StreetDots was founded in 2013 by catering operator Atholl Milton and retail designer Darren Callcott, after Milton was frustrated by the outmoded process of finding a pitch.